News New Kuhn Round & Square ID High Density Balers now available for demo!

Efficiency and profitability for your baling operation

Super High Density Baling

The SB 1290 iD is designed to produce bales with an extremely high density in all crop conditions. Thanks to the patented TWINPACT plunger technique, the baler has a lower power requirement and lends to more profitable baling operation.

With the development of the SB 1290 iD, KUHN offers you an intelligent and innovative answer to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. This ‘intelligent-DENSITY’ model is designed to produce bales (120 x 90) with up to 25% higher bale density in tough dry straw conditions compared to conventional large square balers. The patented TWINPACT double plunger system is the basis of this increase in bale density, whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine.

Apart from the density, the bale channel, driveline and transmission have been upgraded which lends to further cost savings for the operator. A 200hp tractor is more than capable of producing 500kg plus bales, providing you significant fuel savings. The result: a more profitable baling operation in both conventional crop production and the most challenging environments where energy crops and biomass are grown.

For further product information on the SB1290 ID, please click the link below.

KUHN VB 7100 series

The KUHN VB 7100 series sets a new standard in round baling. The balers offer you high performance, producing bales of up to 140 kg/m3 in straw and giving a capacity of up to 30 t/hour in various crop conditions. The heavy-duty design guarantees maximum lifetime with minimum downtime.

High capacity in all circumstances

Silage or straw, the VB 7100 Series balers offer you a capacity of up to 30 t/hour in various circumstances. The unique mix of the i-DENSE system and the proven 4 belt + 3 roller design of the bale chamber ensures fast, secure and consistent bale formation in any crop condition, even in silage.

The KUHN invented INTEGRAL ROTOR ensures the best possible crop flow. The net binder with active stretch technology guarantees a consistent net tension and sturdy bale shape.

On top of that, the VB 7100 balers feature the fastest tailgate operation on the market. Within 4 seconds the bale is ejected and the tailgate is closed again.

For further product information on the VB 7100 ID Range, please click the link below.

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