New Kuhn RW1610C Trailed Wrapper

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New Kuhn RW1610C Trailed Wrapper
Brand: Kuhn
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New Kuhn RW1610C Round Bale Trailed Wrapper

E Twin Double Stretch Wrap (750mm) The e-TWIN technology enables wrapping via a combined pre-stretcher design with unique film distribution to save 50% on wrapping time and further film savings. The conical pre-stretch rollers have been positioned in such a way that the two 750 mm film wraps with 2/3 overlap are glued together, providing a double layer before they leave the pre-stretcher unit. Optional on selected wrappers is the auto film layer correct kit. The correct kit detects an empty or torn film roll and adjusts the required amount of table rotations to cover the bale with the required amount of layers accordingly.

RF Remote Control enables the wrapper to be controlled from a loader while using a power-pack or second tractor for the oil and power supply to the wrapper, this creates a one man operation for loading, wrapping & stacking.

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