New Kuhn Optimer+ 5003 Trailed Disc Cultivator

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New Kuhn Optimer+ 5003 Trailed Disc Cultivator
Brand: Kuhn
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New Kuhn Optimer+ 5003 Trailed Disc Cultivator

  • 5m Trailed
  • Hydraulic Folding
  • 40 Discs (510mm)
  • T Liner Packer
  • Depth Adjustment via Manual Spacers.


Stubble cultivation is important to efficiently managing weeds and incorporate residues into the soil after harvest.
The KUHN OPTIMER + enables the user to perform rapid surface stubble cultivation.
Material flow is key to achieving a high work rate, thanks to the large underframe clearance and one disc per arm design this is possible.
Comfort for the operator has been designed into the machine, this shows in the simple adjustments and reduced maintenance.
Stubble cultivation is an alternative to the use of glyphosate as it effectively fights against weed pressure in the field.


Shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 10 cm

OPTIMER + stubble cultivators work between 3 and 10 cm deep to ensure an homogeneous burial of residues and to accelerate their decomposition in the soil. A shallow stubble cultivation after harvesting enables mechanical destruction of weeds and encourages volunteer regrowth from the previous crop.
The OPTIMER + independent stubble cultivator offers the possibility of carrying out several tillage operations:

  • Creation of a stale seedbed;
  • shallow stubble cultivation;
  • cover crop seeding;
  • preparation of the seedbed;

The OPTIMER + range is ideal for good inter-crop management and contributes to the success of the next crop.

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